Unvanquished Warrior — Day 14

This little guy, what a strong dude.

Breen has stabilized since yesterday, good consistent vitals, and has been peeing frequently (he hadn’t been peeing those last few fraught hours in Idaho).

The care team here is tremendous, such high quality professionals and a strong strategy. We’re definitely at a much larger, more robust NICU. I think his doctor is currently caring for well over 20 tiny patients!

They are talking about finishing up his surgery tomorrow, perhaps in the afternoon or evening. Anytime you open up a tiny preemie, it’s dangerous, and this will be too.

If they can put his insides back together, and he tolerates the surgery well, then we keep going. Hour by hour, shift by shift, day by day.

Should Breen keep going through all this, there will be more x-rays, ultrasounds, echocardiograms, and other tests. We’ll probably know more about his long term outlook in a week if not longer.

Erin and I have been accepted to stay in the Ronald McDonald house just down the road, a beautiful charity that provides long term accommodations for parents who live out of town. We’ll check in there later today, and settle in for a long fight alongside our beautiful tiny warrior.

We are beaten, bruised, and tired. But we remain unvanquished.

Love to all, we are grateful for our family, dear friends, and loved ones for jumping on this roller coaster for as much as you can. We are so appreciative of the love, prayer, and support. It means more than we could ever express.

Parents of Breen and Nora.