Time Change

Time has changed.

For Nora.

For Jon and erin. For blogs. For Grandpa. For memory.

The physiological affects of broken sleep.

The physiological effects of

hearing a baby laughing.


hearing a toddler singing new songs while playing her tiny pianos, a ukelele, a harmonica, a drum.

The effects

of hearing her brother sing along.

Does the salty air make me cough, or is it psychosympathetic?

We are well.

Pictures forthcoming. I need to retape the cannulas now. I spent a long time on them earlier, but it didn’t work. Sometimes, they are really set.

Sometimes 9a.m. and 1p.m. are side by side surprising, but sometimes they manage to squeeze like three extra hours in between!

November arrives. We start maybe emotionally preparing to return to SLC for Breeny’s follow up appointments in a couple weeks.

I can’t believe we lived in the NICU from January 27th until October 15th. It’s hard to believe we’re here. But it’s also completely normal.

The physiological effects of 2021:





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