Okay, so!

Breen’s G-Tube is out. Since 3/24!

Healing rapidly.

Feeding therapy graduation was today.

Breeny crawls.

He is crawling.

Laughter, laughter, laughter, learning.

He pulls himself into sitting.

Tucks back down for crawling. Laughing. Moving. Drooling.

Nora spells. She is spelling. We are spellbound. On Sunday she celebrates her fourth birthday!! Celebrations: already underway.

Everything is growing. Jonquil. Tulip. Daffodil.

Wind is blowing. Finn our hound is shedding.

Pat the cat? Meowing.

Somewhere, invasions are devastating.

Somewhere, kindness is prevailing.

Silence is sitting.

Seltzer prices? Increasing.

Idaho grocery stores put our best summer foot forward: we sell perfect shirts that say

Cape Cod Sailing Team

In a book called Guardians of Being, I once learned a life lesson about lying down. I will find the picture some time, and show you.

Tonight? Let there be sleeping.

Oh, Breeny is right now crooning. The last of the pumped milk will be gone by morning.


We are turning.




Parents of Breen and Nora.

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Jon and erin! Armstrong

Jon and erin! Armstrong

Parents of Breen and Nora.

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