It worked! The miracle people strike again.

Breeny pooped on Friday night! Three times!

His intestines once were melting, so they cut them apart in February. Three pieces. Then, they were disconnected for a while. On May 12th, they sewed ’em back together. On May 21, the poo came through. Miracle people.

They weaned his morphine again yesterday and he was in some pain. He felt better with singing, and better still after an extra dose. His Anderson output was higher than the team liked, so they said no food into tummy yet. There’s a tiny pinhole-sized opening on the end of his scar. Wound team is monitoring it, should be fine.

I held him on his due date, for the first time since surgery. A lot of y’all held him with me as we celebrated his patience. His declaration. His yes-ness. Music therapist S came and sang to him, welcoming again his patience, his declaration, his yes-ness. Making so many recoveries.

(Forgot to mention, an inguinal hernia was diagnosed on May 11th, they won’t bother with it for a while. Yeeps.)

Friday was the greatest NICU day ever. I held him again, as though this is a normal thing. He needed a lot of suction for his lungs, but no one was worried. The G-tube was making a lot of squeaky noises, but no one was worried. His jaw has grown. His hair is soft. I love him.

Breen loves to be held. The nurses started taking numbers for who would hold him next, once Jon and I got our post-surgery hugs. They love him. Saturday I held him again, as long as I could, until a new admit arrived in our room.

Today, they will start feeds! Team might have to put a feeding tube down his throat again, since the G tube is leaking a little. But he will get human milk! They will also replace his breathing tube with a bigger one. Yeeps. He’s been doing really well with a fancy ‘lung disease’ pressure setting on the conventional ventilator. They hope the new tube will help even more.

My extremely dear friend has been staying here and manifesting joy and peacefulness. Wrastling Nora so I can still peek in on Breen while Jon is on the road. A couple nights ago she cooked a STEAK DINNER as a surprise. She and Nora are as thick as thieves.

Legendary, the help we receive.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Team Breen.




Parents of Breen and Nora.

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Jon and erin! Armstrong

Jon and erin! Armstrong

Parents of Breen and Nora.

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